Practical philosophy for working in new country

Practical work philosophy

Coming and working in a foreign country is not an easy task. How successful an individual will be in this mostly depends on him and the way he fits into the new environment.

Most important: Learning, learning, learning

Whan you come in new country you have to learn lot of new things and you have to learn them fast.


First of all language. It is very important that you (first) understand and after this that you can comunicate on the language of your new country. Even if you are not successful at it, the local people will appreciate your efforts.

Please see this

This will facilitate your communication with the employer and with your colleagues at work. It will also make your daily life in new envirinnment much more easier.

Learn about your new country

For your better stay it is nice to knew something about your country. On internet you can find everything about if you want.

Learn about law in new country.

Lear about your rights in your new country.

Comunicate with local people

It is important to comunicate with local people. Of course you will also comunicate with your people but please do not stay closed to the circle of your countrymen. Like thatyou will never comlpetly fit in new environment.

Learning on your new work place

The goal of this program is to prepare you for your new workplace but you always must be prepare to learn more. Like this you will show that your work is very important for you what will be very apriciated by your employer. By the time you will be irreplaceable and than you are in wining situation.

Put everything on timeline

To motivate yourself in everyday jobs situation imagine where and what you want to be one day. Let your imagination run wild. Then your task from today or tomorrow is just ona step toward this goal. If you think on long period (put on timeline) everything is posibel. Plan your working life in terms of 2 or 3 years andyouwill have time for everything.